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Dirty Meat. . .Something. . .wait, what??

Dirty Doc - Git Fiddles, Vox Box, Bass, Percussion


The Git Fiddles:


Bleecker Street Zeke - MARTIN 000-28L Custom Acoustic


Ardell The Sage - TAYLOR 214ceL Acoustic-Electric
(aka "If it ain't broke, don't fix it")


Ibis Corvid - EPIPHONE Les Paul Standard - Electric

'Ello friend,
I'm Dirty Doc, a singer-songwriter out of Richmond, VA. My guitar companions and I make up Dirty Metal Lefty. The moniker is an amalgamation of my name, love for metal music, and innate southpaw status. It's also an old online handle from the late 90s/ early 2000s.

The Sound


Bluesy Alternative Eclectic Indie Folk Rock
(is that really a thing?)


I often laugh when asked 'Who are your influences?' because I'm highly excitable and easily amused. If inspiration were a negligent driver plowing its truck through a group of people, then my music would be those innocent victims of circumstance. Influence then becomes less about 'Who' and more about 'What, where, why, and how?' Shit can happen anywhere at anytime so you have use the most appropriate sounds to accurately tell the story in an equally eloquent manner.

Long Story Short


Music has always been a mainstay since I could nod my head without falling over. Although I began to take it more seriously as a teenager, freshman year of college plagued me with a severe writer's block/drought. Fast forward over a decade later to 2013: A few karaoke friends hosted a party at a local recording studio. I scheduled private karaoke sessions afterwards to allow myself more recording time and studio exposure. Scott, one of the sound engineers, took a shine to my selections and suggested I start bringing in my own compositions. We tracked a few demos about once a month. These sessions provided an opportunity to identify and strengthen weak areas of musicianship and songwriting. That was the straw that shattered the writer's block. I began to crank out song after song after song before testing the new material at local open mics around town during most of 2014. I officially went back into the studio in May of 2015 and came out with my first ep album a week later. It was mastered in July and released in October. The rest is history in the making.

Why now?


Life happened. I grew a backbone of fortitude. It didn't make any sense to continue suppressing creative urges or to let anyone else do it either. Love it or hate it,  music is probably one of  the only  few commonalities of the human condition we ALL share. I don't know about you but for me, music has been  like a personal life coach. It'll tear you down and build you back up without judgement. It offers meaningful encouragement and glimmers of hope. It's the true friend that'll never leave you hanging and  I would be preternaturally humbled if  my music were to ever have that sort of impact on anyone else. Needless to say, I'll never know if I don't try.


Besides, folks didn't catch on to Steve Miller until long after the fact. We all know how well that went. . .

Ardell The Sage

Ibis Corvid

Bleecker Street Zeke

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